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Beachborough Triathlon Club Home Event 2022

I come from a competitive swimming background and I joined Beachborough club at the start of the year, swimming had become repetitive and I wanted to try something new.

I have really enjoyed training with the club, I have learnt a lot in the short time I have been there, its great fun and the coaches are so helpful. I knew that I needed to do my first competition to put everything into practice so on the 19th of June I did my first triathlon at Stowe school. I decided this would be my first triathlon as it was run by Beachborough Triathlon club. I knew all my coaches would be there so I felt confident I would have support and help on the day.

On the day I was feeling nervous but when we got there all my friends and coaches were there. I walked the course with my friends first so I knew where I was running and biking. Lottie helped me set up everything in the transition area. After I had seen the course and had the transition set up I felt much better.

I was one of the first to start which was good as I didn’t have to sit around worrying.

I went down to the pool to collect my timer and get into line to start.  Obviously the swim was first which I was confident about and I had also trained in Stowe pool before.

I got into the water ready to start, we were counted down in 15 second intervals and off I went. My swim was strong and I got out and ran to the bikes. My transition went well except I almost mounted before the mount line. I think biking is my weakest point but I rode as hard as I could. Once back into the transition area I got of my bike and my legs felt really weird but I set off on the run. I tried my hardest, it was harder and longer than I thought! I could hear everyone cheering which really spurred me on.

I actually came in 6th in my age group which I was really happy and proud about for my first competition. Now I have done my first race I feel more confident about my next race. I really enjoyed my first race despite the pain! The coaches and my friends were so encouraging and my friends from the swim team even came to support me.

I also raced in the relay for the mixed youth team. I found this much much harder than the race itself as I was so tired however we came in third and it was a great experience to compete with my friends.

Race report written by Milly


Jamie, 2nd
Leo, 4th

Tristar 1 Girl
Jamie, 2nd
Eva, 3rd girl
Jenna, 4th

Tristar 3 – boy
Thomas, 1st
Jarryd, 7th

Tristar 3 – girls
Charlotte, 2nd
Hannah, 3rd

Sam, 1st
Lottie, 3rd
Milly, 6th

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