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Chichester Junior Triathlon 2022

On Sunday 29th May 2022 my sister and I competed in the Chichester Junior Triathlon. I travelled to the event with my family. We had to leave early as it was a long drive.

The race was held at a school which looked similar to Beachborough as the field, where the bike and run took place, was flat. We met up with Stanley (a friend from Beachborough and Brackley Triathlon club) and all walked the course together so we could familiarise ourselves with the course and the transition area. The swimming pool was quite a long way from the transition area! However, I didn’t mind this as I’m confident with my running.

The pool was 25m, I had to swim 8 lengths (200m). I was the last swimmer in my category (TS2) to go, however, I managed to catch one person. I found the swim much easier than I anticipated as I concentrated on my technique. The run to T1 was also ok and I had a smooth transition.

The bike section was 3,200 meters (4 laps of the field). During the bike leg I was able to set myself a good pace and was able to over-take a number of other riders. Again, I had a good smooth transition and got a good start on the run.

The run was 1,800m. It was an out-and-back course, each lap was 600m. I enjoyed the run, there was a lot of cheering from the Beachborough supporters and again, I was able to overtake a lot of people. When I crossed the finish-line I felt great!

The was only my second triathlon and I loved it! There was lots of support, which really helped, and it was great taking part with my friends from the club. Bring on the next race!


TS3 Girls
Hannah C, 1st

TS3 Boys
Harrison PB, 15th

TS2 Boys
Monty W, 3rd
Henry R, 10th
Stanley K, 13th

TS2 Girls
Whistley R, 7th

Francesca W, 6th

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