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Oldbury Triathlon

Today we travelled to Oldbury for a triathlon. 

For me the swim was 200m then I did 3 laps on the bike and 3 laps on the run. Sadly for me I messed up on the 2nd transition, I came in after the bike and ran into transition but I couldn’t find my space on the rack as someone had put their bike and helmet in my place. I panicked and lost valuable time. 

It was a well set up race in my opinion. The bike course was around a grass sports field, at the bottom of the field it got a bit bumpy but it got better. The grass was quite long when you were over taking.

The run was also on grass and was 3 laps, it also had a water station. I felt I ran as good as usual despite being frustrated. 

Well done to everyone.

Race report written by Mollie D. (T2)

The results were:

T3 girls:
Charlotte- 2nd girl
Katie W- 5th- Team MK
Lauren W- 8th- Team MK

T3 boys:
Thomas- 1st boy
Jarryd- 12th boy

T2 girls:
Mollie- 3rd
Jess- 6th

T2 boys:
Lewis- 1st
Joseph- 9th
Joshua- 12th

T1 girls: 
Eva- 3rd 

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