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Wombourne Aquathlon 2022

Today we travelled to Wombourne to do an Aquathlon. I had to swim 300m and run 3km. We ran on an old train track for 2.4km and then ran back to the finish. I feel like I could have swam faster to close up the gap between me and the other people who started ahead of me. The race start was set up as one person per lane and they set you off at 1-minute intervals after the person in your lane had finished. I was set off in the last 6 so I had a lot of people in front of me to chase.

The race was set up well but the transition was in the pool and you had to walk while in the pool. The run course was flat but out of sight of spectators most of the time, however, the finish line was on an open field that was easily accessed.

The weather greatly affected the race for me. Running in the sun in 22-degree heat slowed down my race. I think to improve that race they should add water stations on the run to cool you down.

Well done to everyone who competed.

Race report was written by Thomas R (T3).


Tristart Boys
Jamie S, 3rd

T2 Girls
Ellie S, 8th

T3 Girls
Katie L, 5th – Team MK

T3 Boys
Thomas R, 2nd
Noah H, 10th

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