Meet the Coaches

Hester Pollock
Level 3 Triathlon Coach
Level 2 Swimming Coach
Level 2 Open Water Swim
Level 1 Running Coach

I fell in love with Triathlon 40 years ago when racing in Asia. The reason I love it so much is because it’s not easy and every race is a challenge. The feeling when you complete a tough race is amazing! My three children all have grown up doing multi-sports and I now want to support many more children so that they too fall in love with sport. Whether or not you are competitive, I believe everyone can achieve great things. I have raced all distances in triathlon competing for GB Age group at World Champs and European Championships, and distances up to Ironman. I love to coach and inspire children.



York Harris
Level 1 Triathlon Coach

I have been involved with Beachborough Tri Club for 4 years, helping out as a parent and as a Marshall, during this time both my children have been involved with the club.

I decided to become a coach for two reasons: Firstly to support my son who is currently in TS1 and his fellow athletes. Secondly, to support the club further as the coaches do such an amazing job and I wanted to give something back.  I am a keen cyclist, swimmer & runner and having discovered triathlon’s later in life look forward to doing more in the future.

Ollie Campbell
Level 1 Triathlon Coach

I have always been interested in sport and see it as a vital part of a person’s life. Having had so much enjoyment playing rugby I wanted to give something back. Both of my daughters are triathletes so I decided to train as a Triathlon coach so that I could help with their training sessions. 

The enjoyment that I get from coaching is watching each child gain in confidence. Triathlon is such a hard but rewarding sport and I get such joy from seeing children learn and then master a new skill. To then see them compete with smiles on their faces is fantastic. 

Ros Kelling
Level 2 Running Coach
Banbury Harriers

My passion in life is running.  I have been a middle distance coach at Banbury Harriers Athletic Club for the past 15 years working primarily with athletes between the ages of 11 and 18.  My whole ethos is enjoyment – if sessions are varied in a fun and supportive environment athletes will naturally progress and get the best out of themselves, and hopefully have a love of running for the rest of their lives.  

Level 2 Swim Teacher & Coach
Qualified Lifeguard (NPLQ)
& hold a NRASTC

When I was 8 I started club swimming and competing in local gala’s. From there I went on to compete at regional competitions, so swimming has always been a big part of my life.

For my DofE award I volunteered at my own swim club, learning about what it means to coach and teach swimming.  I quickly realised how much I enjoyed coaching and began to volunteer at Brackley Swimming pool.  When I turned 16 I took my level 1 in swim teaching and started teaching soon after, teaching to the Swim England criteria.  I am now a fully qualified teacher and have been teaching for 4 years, and coaching for 2 years.  I teach complete beginners through to those who wish to compete.

I enjoy watching the individuals progress and love helping them gain confidence and reach their full potential. 

James Bridge
Level 1 Triathlon Coach
RFU Level 2 Rugby Coach

Sport is a big part of my life, whether that be coaching, spectating or participating, I enjoy all aspects. Making sport fun as well as rewarding is my coaching philosophy. My triathlon coaching journey is relatively new, having level 1 qualified in 2019 after being asked to join the Beachborough team. Both my children represent the club and as I enjoy coaching and developing young athletes it was an easy decision to make.


Karen Lennox
Level 2 Triathlon Coach Level 2 Dip. 1-1 Triathlon Coach
BT Strength & Conditioning
BT Open Water Coach

I have been a triathlon coach for 4 years, supporting children and coaching adults. My children absolutely love the sport!  Although training and racing can be demanding, they have so much fun and have made such great friends.  I coach because I love to help people succeed no matter what level they are.  To help someone achieve something they thought they could not is priceless. When my children were young, I raced the GB Age Group circuit, and I won a couple of national titles and achieved a few European podiums.

Lisa Webb
Level 3 Triathlon Coach
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Pilates Instructor
Sports Therapist

I work as a Sports Therapist and Pilates instructor as well as a Triathlon Coach so I am always in and around athletes of all levels and abilities. 

I have 3 children that compete in triathlon and as a result, got into coaching to give them and other children more opportunities to help them achieve their goals. 

I have competed at GB Age Group level and won the European Age Group champs a few years ago at Olympic distance. I’ve also had top 10 results at the World Champs, so plenty of experience in all 3 disciplines. 

My passion is to make sport fun, engaging, inclusive for all and to inspire the future generation. 

Zoe Pollock
Level 2 Swimming Coach

As well as being a previous national level swimmer myself, I’m currently a National level heptathlete. Competing in the heptathlon like triathlon involves juggling many events (7 in the heptathlon!)I love multi events as there is a skill to being able to put together many disciplines, and to juggle the variety of training required to be the best.

I’m passionate about making sport fun and inspiring the future generation. 



Katie Pamphlett
Level 1 Swimming Coach

I have been competing in triathlon for as long as I can remember!  I am the first to admit a big part of triathlon for me is the ‘social’ aspect!  I love training with the crew in the club and at Banbury Harriers – it makes training so much more enjoyable.  I started competing in local events and then moved on to the national Super Series.

I really enjoy teaching the younger athlete’s and seeing them improve makes it all worth while.


Skip Snelson
Level 2 Swimming Coach

I started doing triathlon at aged 8 and have been competing locally, nationally & internationally ever since. I am now part of the Loughborough Performance squad where I am able to train with Olympic medalists!  I have met many of my closest friends through triathlon and I really feel it is so important to do sport when growing up. This is one of the reasons I chose to become a coach as I wanted to help inspire the next generation of triathletes.

Being a coach at Beachborough is so rewarding! Seeing every child with a smile on their face, working together as a team learning new skills and develop as athletes whilst making long lasting friendships is amazing!

Jo Hall
Level 1 Triathlon Coach

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Mabel Shepherd
Level 1 Triathlon Coach
Angus Pollock
Level 1 Swimming Coach
Rachael Horne
Level 1 Swimming Coach

Meet the Committee

Graham Sparks
Stuart Roberts
Laura Davis
Hester Pollock
Head Coach
Nick Perks
Welfare Officer