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Fareham Triathlon 2023

Today was Fareham triathlon which for us was a 2 hour car journey.

It was a very hot day today so the run route was slightly shortened but was still a reasonable distance.

The swim was a snake and we were able to do tumble turns. There was no specific order on the swim so it was quite chaotic. But the swim was good overall. 

The cycle route was in a public park and there weren’t any Marshall’s on the course but we just followed the path round the outside. In our club especially we had three people fall off, luckily their injuries weren’t too bad, just lots of cuts grazes and some road rash. Luckily we did cycle the bike course before hand so we had an idea of where we were going as there was no tape out. 

The run course crossed over the cycle course and lucky for me as I went across there were no cyclists coming. The run course was slightly shortened because of the heat which I think was quite sensible as it was boiling. 

Overall it was a very nice race and everyone did very well.

Sadly there was no presentations but the results are as follows:

Mollie – 1st girl 
Olive – 5th girl, which is amazing as she and her chain fell off and still carried on
Noah – 11th boy, really well done another nasty fall on the bike but still carried on
Joseph – 12th boy 
Jessica – 9th girl
Joshua – 16th boy, had a very bad fall but again still carried on which is amazing

Stanley – 12th boy
Jamie – 8th girl

Isla – 1st girl
Eva – 2nd girl

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