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Oldbury Whitehorse Triathlon 2023

On 29 April I did the Oldbury Whitehorse triathlon with the Beachborough Triathlon Club team and it was splendid. It was a long 2-hour drive but it was so worth it.

It was my first time competing for the Beachborough triathlon club and it was nice to see so many people from the club there. It made me feel a lot more relaxed knowing the coaches and everyone else was there to help and support me!:)

We all went out to see the bike course and ride around it and it was a fairly good course because there was a big downhill section. I also went to see the swimming pool and it looked warm. I’m a 1st year TS2 and my start time was 3:25 but I made sure I got to the pool nice and early.

When I was queuing up to start my swim I was a little bit nervous, but I could see my Mum and Dad waving at me from the gallery. After about 5 mins I was asked to scan my timing chip and then get in the pool, which wasn’t as warm as expected!

Once I started to swim the time went really quickly even though I wasn’t very fast. I got out of the pool and speed-walked out of the door to transition. I love transition because I’m really good under pressure! I grabbed my bike and rode around the track, I loved going down the hill but hated going back up. I pulled back into transition after my three laps and heaved my bike back onto the rack.

The run was hard at first because my legs felt like jelly, but after a while, my legs warmed up and I could go faster. It was really nice that when I overtook people they always said ‘well done.’ At the end, I started to sprint for the finish but there was a lady standing in the way!:) When she saw me coming, she got a surprise and moved quickly out of the way. There’s just one thing I regret……. Not picking up the sweets and biscuits when they were offered at the finish!

Written by Jamie.

Race Results:

TS1 – Girls
Isla, 1st
Eva, 2nd

Girls – Jamie, 11th
Boys – Stanley, 17th

Mollie, 2nd
Katie, 7th
Lauren, 8th
Jessica, 15th

Noah, 9th
Joseph, 16th
Joshua, 26th

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