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Southam Triathlon 2023

On Sunday the 23rd of April, I competed in the Southam Junior Triathlon. I was feeling slightly apprehensive because it was my first triathlon of the season and my first race in TS1. Thankfully, we got there early so I could walk the run and cycle course which made me feel less nervous because I now knew how the course worked.

Whilst waiting for my race, I watched the TS3s and TS2s race and cheered the Beachborough team on. It was now nearly time for my race which meant only one thing…. time for a couple of sweets! As I walked into the swimming building, I felt my nerves returning, but excited at the same time as swimming is my favourite leg. I was near the back of the line so I got to watch lots of people do their swim first. When it was my turn, I got off to a good start and managed to overtake a few people. Soon, I had finished my six lengths and headed into transition. There were a lot of bikes there, so it was hard to find mine – luckily I have luminous yellow handles!

The bike leg was quite difficult because there was a steep hill that went into a narrow bend which meant people stopped, making it even more challenging. I was comfortable with the course because I had walked it before, but it was still hard with lots of bikes all around me making it difficult to turn. In what seemed like a short time, I had finished my two laps and hung my bike up on the rack.

I had learnt that it is quicker and easier to turn your tri belt around when you are running, so that is what I did. I knew that on the run I only had to do one lap then I was finished. It was difficult because there were hills but after completing them I could see the finish so I sprinted all the way to the line!

It was a long wait until the results were in but I was thrilled to learn that I had come first girl in TS1. I hope I can do the same next time!

Written by Isla – aged 8

Mollie, 1st Girl
Olive, 2nd Girl
Jessica P, 3rd Girl
Jessica C, 5th Girl
Noah, 2nd Boy
Joseph, 7th Boy
Joshua, 16th Boy

Stanley, 4th Boy
Dorothy, 5th Girl

Isla, 1st Girl.

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