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Southam Junior Tri September 2023

The Southam autumn triathlon took place on the 3rd of September, and despite it being the autumn race the day was very, very hot. 

This triathlon was a different experience for me as I haven’t done that many triathlons before and not in the heat. I had done the Southam spring triathlon, but that was a different experience; the course was very muddy due to the rain. This time, after setting up my transition, I walked the course to check out all the corners and hills on the run and bike sections. 

After the race briefing, I waited for my time to head into the pool with some of my fellow club members. Once it was time to go into the pool, I collected my timing chip and started my least favourite part of the triathlon, the poolside wait!  Luckily I didn’t have too long to wait until I could set off, and once I got in the water the time flew by.  I got to the end of my eight lengths, and once I had passed through transition I got on the bike and unfortunately got a stitch quite soon after starting (I probably should have gone on more bike rides over the summer, whoops!). 

Thankfully the stitch didn’t last too long, and after re-entering transition for the last time I headed out for the run.  The run I found particularly difficult due to the heat and because the course involves what felt like twenty hills (it’s probably more like four). Finally, I finished and was able to sit down in the shade and recover my breath and celebrate with my family and friends. 

Overall, I like Southam triathlon because it’s a challenging course, which makes it interesting to complete. 

Race report by Dot.

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