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Banana Triathlon, Eton Dorney 02 July

I took part in the Banana Triathlon at Eton Dorney last weekend. It was so much fun. TriStar 2 and 3 all went off together in the same wave, so there were lots of us. We had to wait a little bit at the beginning as there were still too many adults on the course, but eventually it was time. We had to run down a ramp in 5-second intervals into the lake which for me was quite cold, and it was up to you if you wanted to wear your wetsuit (I did!).

I felt like I had a really good swim and a fairly good transition. The bike route was once around the lake and was good except when I cycled around the first corner I saw poor Hannah off her bike standing with her Dad as she had had a puncture, so that worried me a little, but I kept going. After my bike, it was time for the bit I like the least, the run! It is a nice flat run at Eton Dorney but still a bit windy, but I tried really hard and even did a little sprint finish. Overall the race was really good and I enjoyed it and am looking forward to my next triathlon.

Race report written by Jess.


TS2 & TS3 combined.

Thomas, 1st
Jarryd, 8th
Lewis, 13th
Noah, 20th
Joshua, 29th

Charlotte, 2nd
Mollie, 5th
Isabelle ,10th
Jessica ,12th
Hannah DNF due to blow out!

Sam, 2nd

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