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Leeds Triathlon 2022

I’ve been asked to write the race report for Leeds and being my first Tri of this season and my first Tristar 3 race I was a bit nervous but excited too.

We travelled up on Friday evening after school so’s not to have a ridiculously early start Saturday morning, my nerves were eased a lot when registering, I saw Noah and York registering and we somehow had managed to get consecutive race numbers so would be next to each other in transition.
Before the race started we bumped into lots of other teammates all racing at different times and even managed to cheer a couple of Tristar 2’s in from the swim.

I have never worn a wetsuit in a tri before as I’ve always gone for the none wetsuit option, so I took advice and plastered myself in baby oil which was weird, into my wetsuit alongside Noah and made our way to the swim start.

After the briefing, we walked down to the pontoon and were asked to get into the water, which was very cold so I was glad to be in my wetsuit. Waiting for the Klaxon to sound seemed to take ages but when it did I just went for it hard, I soon found my stroke and eased into it and was very happy with my swim time, coming out the water mid-pack.

I was less happy with the 400m uphill run into transition as running is not my strong point but it did give me plenty of time to get most of my wetsuit off, I had lost a lot of places getting into transition but the actual removal of wetsuit and getting my bike and run gear on went like a dream, I had written on my hand where my bike was so I couldn’t forget it.

The bike was a tough course but I felt it went ok and wasn’t disappointed with my times, I was very tired by the time I dismounted and the run with my bike on the grass was even more tiring.

Running out of transition to start the run leg, I was not looking forward to the hill start but lots of support from the crowd spurred me on and at the end to the finish line, I even managed a sprint finish.

Overall I was happy with my result and the event was fantastic, it was even better having so many Beachborough teammates there – Mollie, Sam, Lewis, Jarryd, Thomas, Charlotte and Noah.

I didn’t see everyone out on the course but the ones I did looked like they were giving it everything.

All results were amazing but a special mention to our podium makers, Lewis getting third place in T2, Thomas getting third in T3 and Mollie bagged second place in T2.

My positive I will take from the day is that with more run training I can get myself closer to the front runner because my swim was sub 1:30/100m having Noah to chase really helped with that and my bike would have been mid-table too.

It was a real bonus getting to watch the elite men and women at the end of the day too, even if it didn’t go to plan for GB men.

Race report written by Billy.

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